Wednesday, July 23, 2008


A post about our Guatemala trip is forthcoming, still processing some things in my brain about the trip. It was beyond-words AMAZING and wonderful, yet emotionally, physically, and spiritually heavy.

Ryann had her 15 month appointment today, although she is about 16 months. She weighed 23 lbs and was 31 inches. This puts her in the 60-65%.

A lot of you have asked how it was leaving Ryann for 8 days. It was really hard emotionally at the beginning to initially leave her, but after some prayer and evaluation...I realized that to really get the most out of the mission trip, I needed to be ALL there. Through God's help, I found it pretty easy to be away from her. However, once the mission trip part was over, I was more than ready to come see our homegirl. It has been a sweet reunion. Thanks for your prayers.