Friday, September 30, 2011


To our Daughter,
We went on a family vacation this month to Disney World. Ryann kept saying over and over again that the next time we go to Disney World, she will have a little sister. I love that. I love that she is thinking ahead, and her view of our family includes YOU. I am thinking ahead too. I have to be careful about having my thoughts too far out there, anxious that I will miss the present. BUT, isn't the future fun to think about? Our family of THREE, longs to be a family of, my dear, are definitely the missing link.
We made shirts for our trip, each one having our names on them. Ryann, said to me that we HAD to make you one when we go next time...and we will..we look forward to all the next times and the new times in our lives with YOU in them. We love you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This September was our epic Disney World vacation:) We have planned this trip for months and months, so I cannot believe it is already over. If you know me and Mark well, you know we are obsessed with Disney World. Yes, Obsessed is the right word;) We wanted to take Ryann on a special trip before we get our next little one, so we planned the trip a long time ago, thinking we would get our nextdaughter shortly thereafter...HA!Boy, were we wrong! Fingers crossed that Ryann remembers the trip when it is actually time to get her:) I know she will, It was one of the best times we have had as a family:) So Thankful!

Family!: When we tossed out the idea to each of our parents of meeting us at Disney World to join with us on our vacation, we were absolutely thrilled both sets of parents said YES. Living far away from family is a hard thing. Having your daughter not live close to her grandparents is even harder, BUT I think the time we have with family is much sweeter, because I never take for granted the time we spend with family. We made lots of memories on this trip, due to our parents being with us, SO fortunate to have such wonderful, loving, supportive people in our lives.

Characters!: These are just a few of Ryann's favorite characters (I took so many more pictures of all the characters Ryann met).Ryann's grandma gave Ryann an autograph book for all the characters to sign as she met them,and Ryann completely filled it up! So sweet to see her get so excited!

I know the highlight for us all,was the Bippity Boppity Boutique, where a fairy godmother turned Ryann into Cinderella. Following this, we went into Cinderella's castle, and *gasp* had breakfast with all the Princesses...this 4year old and 31 year old were in heaven.

All in all, this was a Wonderful trip, a moment in time...So incredibly blessed to have made all these memories with our girl and our parents.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


To Our Daughter,
It is September 1, 2011, that means we have been officially waiting 2 months for you. I often wonder if you are alive or not. Either way, I think about you every day, multiple times a day. With our age window being from 0-3yrs, you could be an energetic toddler right now,you could be a needy newborn, cuddly baby, or you could not even be a thought yet. The other day, I was recording things in Ryann's baby book (yes, I realize it is 4 years too late).I was putting things on the page in her book that had, popular songs on the day she was born, popular TV shows, etc. I googled,"Most popular song on April 4, 2007" to write down, and the answer was "This is Why I'm Hot"by MIMS.I laughed out loud about how ridiculous that was to write down in a book for posterity...but that is what google said, so I wrote it down.After many minutes of the line, "I'm hot cause I'm fly, you aint cause you not" going through my head...I wondered what I would write down in your book, since I have NO idea when you will be let's pretend. If you were born TODAY, these are the things, me and your dad are loving...not what google says...

Our current favorite books are:

I realize we are not teenage girls, but this trilogy is soooo addicting. I read them all in 6 days. We are Dorks.

Your Dad's Current Favorite TV Show

Oh, how we love Mike and Frank

Your Mom's Current Favorite TV Show (I realize I am years behind the times, but have been watching the DVDs this summer on the treadmill)

Now, I can't endorse/recommend all that goes on in Dillon, TX;) But, I am in serious denial of there only being 5 seasons...RIP Friday Night Lights...Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can't lose.

Current Favorite Band for both Mom and Dad

Mumford and Sons!

Our Current Favorite Movie(we both loved the book, too)

So there you have it, if you were born today, these would be our current favorite things! This second month of waiting has been a good one. My attitude, only by the grace of God, has been less self-centered than previous weeks in regards to the long wait. I am sure next month I will be an "all up in knots" stressball again...but this month I was at peace with the wait. I am praying daily that I will rest in this period of waiting, to prepare my heart for what is to come. My all time favorite song is below. This song, to me, perfectly describes how much LOVE the Lord has for us, His children. His ways are perfect. I love the line in the song that says,"Why do I worry, Why do I freak out...God knows what I need." As a type A freak, I have this song on repeat often, as I strive to yield my wants and desires to Him.I also love the line that says, "Not a note is out of tune or out of place..." His will for us, is His, perfect will, not mine. If He says that we are to wait, we are to wait...nothing is out of place for what He has for us...

All that to say, we are waiting with GREAT EXPECTATION for you, little girl. We love you.