Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This September was our epic Disney World vacation:) We have planned this trip for months and months, so I cannot believe it is already over. If you know me and Mark well, you know we are obsessed with Disney World. Yes, Obsessed is the right word;) We wanted to take Ryann on a special trip before we get our next little one, so we planned the trip a long time ago, thinking we would get our nextdaughter shortly thereafter...HA!Boy, were we wrong! Fingers crossed that Ryann remembers the trip when it is actually time to get her:) I know she will, It was one of the best times we have had as a family:) So Thankful!

Family!: When we tossed out the idea to each of our parents of meeting us at Disney World to join with us on our vacation, we were absolutely thrilled both sets of parents said YES. Living far away from family is a hard thing. Having your daughter not live close to her grandparents is even harder, BUT I think the time we have with family is much sweeter, because I never take for granted the time we spend with family. We made lots of memories on this trip, due to our parents being with us, SO fortunate to have such wonderful, loving, supportive people in our lives.

Characters!: These are just a few of Ryann's favorite characters (I took so many more pictures of all the characters Ryann met).Ryann's grandma gave Ryann an autograph book for all the characters to sign as she met them,and Ryann completely filled it up! So sweet to see her get so excited!

I know the highlight for us all,was the Bippity Boppity Boutique, where a fairy godmother turned Ryann into Cinderella. Following this, we went into Cinderella's castle, and *gasp* had breakfast with all the Princesses...this 4year old and 31 year old were in heaven.

All in all, this was a Wonderful trip, a moment in time...So incredibly blessed to have made all these memories with our girl and our parents.


Annie and Jeremy said...

I loooooooove it!!!! I'm so happy you had such a great trip! I'm sure Ryann made some very happy memories which will stick with her forever!!! So fun!

Liesel Rios said...

Yay for the Disney report! So glad y'all had a great time together! My favourite picture is of Ryann walking between the chipmunks. She looks like she just belongs there.

Kim and Eric said...

What a fun trip!!!