Friday, January 30, 2009


How I found Ryann a couple of days ago

I don't particularly think these are good pics....but just rare pics of me and Ryann, since I am the one that always takes the pictures

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Shu Shu" Alan

This post is long over due, I know Alan and Bill have probably been waiting for it, my apologies. Our family had the awesome opportunity to go over to Alan's apartment for an authentic Chinese meal at the end of December. Alan and his friends Bill, Alex, and Li went all out. It was delicious and interesting. We ate many things that I had not even heard of. My favorite dish were the dumplings. SO GOOD! Li taught me how to fold them, and it is definitely an art. I was not very good, but she was very patient. Mark and I are going to try and replicate them soon here at the house...we'll see how that goes. "Shu Shu" means "uncle" in Chinese. Ryann picked that up really quick and called Alan,"Shu Shu" right away. She called a Chinese lady "Shu Shu" yesterday at Target. Oh Well.
Alan left January 6 to go back to Shanghai. We miss him. I cried when we left his apartment for the last time.My mom even cried when she told him goodbye. We really loved getting to know him and his culture. Alan is so very sweet and genuine and we are happy he is now reunited with his fiance and his family in Shanghai.
Bill and Xiaoming are now Ryann's "Shu Shus." We got to have Bill and Li over a couple of weeks ago and our next outing is going to be the Fort Worth Stock Show with Bill and Xiaoming and his family...that should be an experience.

Li teaching me to make dumplings...It is hard! Li was very patient

Bill (who is at UTD) and his wife Li (who is at Indiana University)

Ryann and ShuShu Alan

Yummy Chinese Food...This is way better than Pei Wei

Mark and Alan

Bill, Li, Xiaoming, Alex, and Alan

Bye Alan!! We already miss you!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looking Forward

I enjoyed 2008. It was challenging, yet good. For my own posterity use, 2008 included the following highlights in the Lamb household:

-Mark finalizing his decision to leave the business world to go to (gulp) school full time
-A "last" business trip with Chase to Puerto Rico, what a fun getaway for Mark and I
-My sister Sara marrying her sweetheart,Jason,in a beautiful wedding, complete with a High School Musical song as the recessional and Dr. Pepper floats at the reception, so Sara.
-Ryann's First Birthday Party-Bug Themed. So Fun.
-A Castleberry Fly Fishing Family Trip to Flippin'(yes that is a real town), Arkansas
-A weekend trip to Orlando
-Mark's first day of school...oh how our lives changed
-Vancouver-Enjoyed a girl's trip with Annie to see our dear friend Liesel...Such an Amazing time
-I got a Part-time Job at our church's pre-school. I miss high school kids.
-The blessings of babies and marriages for some of our closest friends
-Our fun relationship with Alan, from Shanghai...what an eye-opening experience
-An incredible trip to Disney with Mark's generous and wonderful parents
-Ryann becoming so much more communicative. In 2008, she began to really show affection back, such an affirming gift. parenting is such an incredible task, that I don't feel worthy to posess but so gladly accept. We love our babygirl so very much. It sounds so trite, but so true, I have never experienced such a love like this.

-To be honest 2009 scares me. 2010 terrifies me. Mark will finish school December 2009 and then what? who knows? That is what scares me. My OCD, Type A prideful/sinful self does not do well with change. Our life will change. oh, how I love to be comfortable. If you think about it, please pray for us as we seek the Lord's will for what we are to do in the mission field....we are wide open to possiblities, which is an exciting(yet scary)thing.

Goals for 2009
-A stronger Prayer Life
-A stronger Faith
-to read the Bible more
-To worry less
-To call people back
-To initiate more
-Guatemala 2009!!-Will blog about this later, but if you are interested there is an informational meeting Feb. 8
- to work out more....ok, to actually work out.
-to enjoy Ryann more, and worry less about mess
-To learn all the moves to Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies" music video
-just kidding about the last one....maybe

Because I can't post without a picture

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ready for our Close Up

We took a Lamb Family Picture at the beginning of December. It was really fun, and Ryann cooperated, for the most part. The photographer was Kara Price, and I thought she was great!To get 13 people to all look the same direction, seems pretty amazing to me. She even sang "Elmo's World" over and over to get Ryann's attention...which was a job in itself. Ryann is so over looking at a camera. She will never be a Top Model. We had this done for my mother in law's birthday. I am anxious to see which one she will choose to get blown up for their house. Here are some of my favorites...

Our family of three

Such a cute picture of the Scot Lamb Fam

Ryann has officially reached her limit....I think she is throwing up a gang sign