Monday, October 20, 2008

Presenting Drs. Robert and Heather Fuentes!

My longtime BFF Heather Klein got married to the handsome Robert Fuentes this past Saturday. It was such a special weekend and I felt so honored to be a part of it. She was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, as was everything in the wedding/reception. Their ceremony was so honoring to the Lord and such a testament to their Godly character. My favorite part was the Gospel Choir recessional, which was a surprise gift from her sisters (How AWESOME is that?!!?) Their reception was AMAZING and filled with lots and lots of dancing!! I LOVE YOU HEATHER!! Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day

Heather y Roberto Por Siempre

Posing with the Mariachi band at the rehearsal dinner, so Fun! Her portrait could be the cover of a magazineBEAUTIFUL BRIDE

Ryann loves her Aunt HeatherRyann getting down with her bad self...bustin' a move Way past Ryann's bedtime.....The dancing queen is finished.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MoThErHoOd is sometimes really gross.

I woke up this morning to a little voice on the baby monitor saying"uh oh beer" (bear) "uh oh beer" repeatedly. I didn't really think much of it being that she says, "uh oh" about a 100 times a day. As I walked to Ryann's room to get her out of bed, I smelled her room way before I reached her door (which is never a good thing). When I opened the door, I found Ryann standing in her room, pjpants off, diaper half off and covered in poop/diarrhea. She had spread the poop all around her crib, sheet, and bumper. She was using her bear to try and clean/wipe herself off. Uh Oh Beer.
This was so incredibly disgusting that I immediately left the room to take a few deep breaths. One bath/shower combo, and three loads of laundry later, we are doing just fine. Motherhood is sometimes really, really gross

Monday, October 13, 2008

Alan goes to the Tx. State Fair

In one of Mark's classes, he was given the opportunity to have an International friend this semester. Mark's friend is named Alan and he is from Shanghai, China. Alan is here getting his MBA at UTD. Part of this international friendship includes introducing your friend to things of this culture. So Mark thought that the Fair was a good way to say, "Welcome to Texas." They had a great time trying all the different fried foods, and looking at all the cars. Alan was very intrigued by the concept of NASCAR. All in all, they had a great time.....Next stop on the Texas Experience is a Mavericks game at the end of October.Fun, Fun!

Alan took pictures of his favorite foods, which included the "Critter Fritter" and the "Fried Pickles"....good choices, Alan

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sam I Am

Sunday, Mark and I had some of my best friends over for dinner. Lesley and Jake Roberts were in town from LA and we got to meet their precious son, Samuel,for the first time. Christi and Bryan came over as well and we had such a wonderful time reminiscing, laughing, and sharing what's going on in our lives these days. Christi, Lesley, and Erin were my roomates in college and I cherish each of their friendships so very much.

2 1/2 month old Samuel Grady Roberts.....Precious little Angel!!

Lesley and Jake Roberts, Samuel Roberts and Christi and Bryan Wiehoff

Ryann and her future father in law, Jake....I am so not opposed to arranged marriages!

Ryann's first trip to Aggieland

We spent this past Saturday in College Station. I love going back many wonderful memories. We had a very busy, but fun-filled day. Mark and I met while doing an Urban-Youth Ministry in College Station. We were each paired with a child that we established a relationship with over the course of four years that we were at A&M. Mark's "Mission" buddy was William, and he still lives in College Station. He is 18 years old and a Senior in High School.... this fact makes me feel so very old!!We both still talk to his family on a somewhat regular basis and we had so much fun getting to spend the whole day with them and introduce them to Ryann. It was such a fun, special time.

Mark and William in front of "Shakeys"...yummmm, frozen custard!! Me and Ryann with William's mom, Wymia, Kim and Kim's son, Donovan stranger to a camera....what a cutie!!
Me and Kim

Fair Day

I LOVE the fair..... So much that I have NEVER missed a year in my almost 29 year old life. Most years, I go several times. There is something so nostalgic about the fair to me....I love looking at the pigs, eating all the fried food (current favorite is the fried grilled cheese unhealthy...but so delicious), people watching, looking at the butter sculpture, looking at all the kitchen gadgets, new cars, and the list goes on and on. I always feel SO gross and disgusting after a day at the fair...but this never deters me from going back for more. I think the Castleberry Fair experience has fully indoctrinated Mark...because he is going three different times this week. Ah....good times.

Ryann LOVES to give kisses...and most of them are a bit open-mouthed.....weird.

Ryann LOVES her Pappy and Lulu....and LOVED them even more when they fed her a corny dog and Jack's French FriesRyann had fun looking at all the "duckies" and "doggies" (BTW, EVERY animal is a "duckie" or a "doggie")

Fun with the Lambs

Ryann got to spend the evening with her Aunt Conni, Uncle Scot, and Cousin Blake not too long ago. From the looks of these pics, I know she had a GREAT time. Thanks to Fabulous Aunt Conni for these pics.
Ryann LOVES her Uncle Scot..thought this was such a Cute picture!!

Cousin Blake reading Ryann her bedtime story, her current favorite is "Hermie"