Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ryann's first trip to Aggieland

We spent this past Saturday in College Station. I love going back there....so many wonderful memories. We had a very busy, but fun-filled day. Mark and I met while doing an Urban-Youth Ministry in College Station. We were each paired with a child that we established a relationship with over the course of four years that we were at A&M. Mark's "Mission" buddy was William, and he still lives in College Station. He is 18 years old and a Senior in High School.... this fact makes me feel so very old!!We both still talk to his family on a somewhat regular basis and we had so much fun getting to spend the whole day with them and introduce them to Ryann. It was such a fun, special time.

Mark and William in front of "Shakeys"...yummmm, frozen custard!! Me and Ryann with William's mom, Wymia, Kim and Kim's son, Donovan

Donovan...no stranger to a camera....what a cutie!!
Me and Kim


John and Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! I dont even know where to start!!!! William looks so old. He is an adult. That is CRAZY! I remember when Mark use to make him do pushups if he was bad and he was just a little boy! Kim looks amazing and so does their mom. So fun! Yall are great!

poehl family said...

um,um,ummmmmm.... you came to college station & we didn't to squeeze your necks. i'm giving you a hard time. i'm just so glad you were able to catch up with william. i ran into him last month at the high school. sounds like you guys had a great time! love keeping up with you on the blog. on another note...take lots of pics at heather & robert's wedding this weekend. so happy for them!