Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday in the Park

These are pictures of Ryann playing at Grant Park. We are so incredibly thankful for our little girl. Her adaptability and acceptance of Change has blessed us beyond belief.God has given us such a special gift. Hard to believe she will be 3 years old one week from today!


This is Rick Bayless. We love him. We loved him on Bravo's Top Chef Masters and on his PBS show, Once upon a plate in Mexico (We do realize that we are nerds). When we found out we were coming to Chicago, one of my first thoughts was..."I get to eat at Rick Bayless' restaurant,Frontera!" ...which we did on Saturday, thanks to a gift card from the Drs. Fuentes:) Our meal was so very delicious.

The Lamb Family's Day Off

Yesterday, we felt adventurous and took a train into downtown. We had such a great time and didn't get lost, which was a feat in itself. We enjoyed walking around Millenium Park, Grant Park, and eating at Frontera. We felt very urban...despite the big North Face backpack,stroller, camera around the neck, and map in hand.Chicago, we are beginning to love you.
Here are some pictures taken of the city.

These are the steps (we think) where the people danced while Ferris sang on the parade float....we think. Either way, it warranted a picture.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oscars Party 2010

Words are hard to describe my mother's Academy Awards Party. She really goes all out and it gets bigger and bigger every year. It really is one of our favorite nights of the year. It is HILARIOUS and SUCH FUN. The rule is...You have to dress as any movie character from 2009
Which results in the following:


Max from Where the Wild Things Are, Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog, and a castmember from Whip It

The party planner herself, AMELIA EARHART

Julie and Julia and Up in the Air

The Cast of The Tooth Fairy (an Oscar snub, for sure)



The Cast of JULIE and JULIA

The Cast of UP


The MENU: With 10 pictures in the Best Picture Category, my mom had her work cut out for her..but her Martha Stewart self prevailed. She made a dish for every single Best Picture Nominee.
1. Blue Corn Chips/Guacamole with Tree of Life: Avatar
2. English Tea/Scones: An Education
3. Humvee Hummus Wraps: Hurt Locker
4. Potato Latkes: A Serious Man
5. Tuohy's Taco Bell Tacos:Blind Side
6. KFC Bucket of Chicken: Precious
7. Apple Strudel: Inglorious _____ can't bring myself to finish that title;)
8. Assorted Soft Drinks/Peanuts/Warm towels: Up in The Air
9. Balloon molded bowls of chocolate filled with berries, etc: UP
10. 9 layered salad with a side of prawns: District 9
Here are some pics of just some of the dishes:

Weekend in Big D

This past weekend, we traveled down to Dallas for numerous reasons. 1. My Aunt Molly was in town 2. It was the Birthday of 2 of our favorite people 3. It was my mom's famous (or infamous) Oscar's Party,which definitely warrants it's own post...stay tuned. All in all it was a great weekend, except for me getting Awful Sickness 2010. We were loved on....which we needed.

Here are some highlights from our weekend...
Happy Birthday Papa and Aunt Sarah!

John got Sarah an awesome cake for her Birthday...

Ryann's weekend highlight definitely was receiving early birthday presents from Uncle John and Aunt Sarah and from Heather and Robert. As you can see, we are all about princesses and dress up these days

And finally,I got to meet one one of my best friend's baby..Beautiful Christi holding Beautiful Greta

We also loved seeing our friends, The Woods...why didn't I take a picture?!?