Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lately-Spring 2011

1. Spring is upon us! We are drying out and hoping for sunnier skies (knock on wood) this summer. We enjoyed the annual tulip festival immensely as we stood in absolute wonder of God's creation.

2. FAMILY!-We were so blessed beyond words to have so many of our loved ones come see us this Spring.

My sweet sister in law, Conni, and 2 of my nephews, Blake and Will, came to see us in March. We had such a special time! Conni's love for this city has made me love it even more, so grateful for her sweet heart and perspective.

My parents and sister, Sara,came to Seattle to help us celebrate Ryann's 4th Birthday. Ryann requested that everyone dress up for her birthday dinner. Specifically, she wanted my parents to be Barbie and Ken, Mark to be a fireman, and me and Sara to be princesses. She also wanted my brother, Read (who couldn't come), to be an Aggie...which we have laughed so hard about because he is the most loyal Texas Tech Raider fan on this planet.Barbie and Ken?! No mom brought costumes, complete with a wig for Ken, and long, luxurious hair extensions for work-out Barbie. #130,289 reason why I LOVE my parents. Sara was such a sweetheart to come as well, using her birthday money for the flight from Ohio. love her!

Mark's parents came to town Easter weekend and we had the best time showing them our new "world." We were blessed with beautiful weather and beautiful company. Come back soon, Lambs!We are so incredibly thankful for you!

We are so happy to have "met" via skype, our newest nephew, Jackson Burks Herrington, born last week. Cannot wait to meet in person, this beautiful, brand new creation. He is precious, and so are his parents.

3. Last week, Mark took Ryann on a daddy/daughter date to see the musical, Mary Poppins. So sweet. I went on daddy/daughter dates with my dad, and those are memories I will always treasure. So fun to have the tradition continue with my family. Mark and Ryann are two goofy peas in a pod...a daddy's girl, no doubt.

4. Ryann started swimming lessons last week. After I took this pic, I asked her why she put her arms up, she replied with exasperation, "Mom,that is what us swimmers do.." Michael Phelps, watch out.

5. #10,234 reason why I love Mark. Last Saturday, Ryann and I went to the store, and when we got back, Mark said he had a surprise for us...he had cleared out all our furniture and pitched our tent in the middle of the room. We loved camping indoors last weekend.

6. Just finished and cried my way through this book...a must-read, for sure.