Tuesday, March 29, 2011

44 Cent Cure Overview

Here is an Overview of World Concern's 44 cent Cure...check out previous post on the Kid's 44 Cent Cure Children's Project

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What can YOU do with 44 Cents?!?

44 Cents will CURE a child in a developing country. It will also teach a child to love God by serving people. My husband, Mark, is the Ministry Development Coordinator at World Concern and he, my awesome mom, and World Concern have recently developed a curriculum called, “Kids ‘ 44 Cent Cure Children’s Project.” The Kids’ 44 Cent Cure Children’s Project offers children the opportunity to help hundreds or thousands of children around the world by collecting coins. Approximately 40% of the world’s children are affected by intestinal parasites, usually caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. Parasites affect a child’s development and cause hunger, nausea and lack of energy. In about 60,000 severe cases each year, they kill. For a VBS outreach project, Bible clubs, Children’s departments, and Home school projects; the Kids’ 44 Cent Cure Children’s Project gives children an opportunity to make a significant impact through a hands-on experience while teaching them about other children around the world. The 44 Cent Cure Children’s Program includes: · Introductory Video · Age-appropriate lessons · Fun and easy crafts and activities · Spotlight individual children around the world · The opportunity for each group to cure hundreds or thousands of children! BTW, this Curriculum is FREE!!! If you are interested or you think your church might be interested in this curriculum or want more information, Go to: http://www.worldconcern.org/kids44centcure/ If you have any questions or want further information let me know. My email address is :erinmlamb@hotmail.com. Become a fan on facebook by clicking on the facebook badge on the blog