Friday, July 30, 2010

Guatemala 2010

This is the letter Mark and I sent out to the supporters of our trip. It gives some details into our week with our Guatemalan friends..It truly was a wonderful week, it always is. We feel so blessed that we were able to go this year.

Mark and I would like to extend a big, “Gracias” to all of you for your prayers and financial support of our Guatemala trip. Every year, we are amazed and humbled by God’s provision for us to go on this trip. With us living in three states in the past six months, we were not sure we would be able to go on the trip. Thankfully to all of you, our trip was possible. We are so incredibly grateful to you. Thank You.
This year’s Guatemala trip was so very special. My father in law, Bill Lamb, came with us this year. When the trip was nearing its end, I asked him if he thought the trip was fun. He answered me by saying, “I wouldn’t call this fun per say, I think rewarding would be a better way to describe it.” Perfectly said.
This trip always reinforces in my mind, how many things I take for granted: from hot showers and comfortable pillows to a loving and supportive family and my relationship with Jesus Christ. In this community, it is counted a major cost to follow Christ. Many young people do not come to the Bible Studies out of fear of what their families and friends will say or do to them. The youth that come to OANSA have a Faith that is so incredibly inspiring. Their faith also left me quite humbled; I need more of that kind of “all-in” faith in my own life.
Powerful Displays of the Love and Grace of Christ this week:
• The first full day we were there, we had the privilege of witnessing several children/teens get baptized. These were all kids we have known and loved over the years. Through OANSA (Spanish version of the Bible Study program, AWANA), they have learned what it means to be a follower of Christ and wanted to show their Faith through baptism. With tears streaming down my face, I watched these kids “announce” to their community that they were not ashamed of the Gospel.

Kevin, age 15. Kevin’s family is opposed to his Faith in Christ.

• Our missionary contact in this community is Julio Garcia. It is truly amazing to see all that he does and the love that he has for this community. His idea of a thrice weekly food kitchen for the poorest of the poor has come into fruition and is now entering its second year of operation. Three times a week, children now know they are going to get fed nutritious foods. The best thing about Julio is that he always lets these kids and their families know that physical food is needed, but through Jesus Christ we can be eternally fed.

Sweet Children enjoying their lunch

• During the day camp activities, Mark and I worked with the teenagers. They have changed so very much over the years. If we had tried to have a devotion with them five years ago, it would have been such a chore just to get them all seated. Not only did they all sit down for the devotion, but they all listened with great interest to Julio as he shared with them about Christ. Their transformation has been so great over the past few years that it can only be attributed to Christ.

Jose. age 19, looking through a Bible

All in all, it was a fantastic trip. We truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to worship alongside our brothers and sisters in Rio Hondo, Guatemala. We look different, have different occupations, have different dwellings, have different goals, have different lives; but for many of them, our foundation (the only thing that really matters) is the same: Christ and His gift of salvation. Thank you for your gift to us.
Much Love to All of you,
Mark and Erin Lamb

The Lambs with the Diaz family- They recently just lost their house and ALL of their possessions in the recent flood that affected many of the poorest of the poor who live in this region. When asked about the flood, Gabbi (age 22), responded, “We are grateful to God for our lives.”

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I love Summer. Everything about it. Summer looks a little different up here. For example, the days are endless (it really doesn't get dark here until 10/10:30pm and the sun is out fully by 5:30/6 am--this has to be the weirdest thing we have had to get used to). The temperature also is quite different. The music minister this morning opened the service by exclaiming how hot it was. Mark and I just looked at each other. This is NOT hot, we know hot. Our car said it was 75 degrees. It truly is beautiful.Looking at mountains on our way to church this morning, I marveled at God's creation. I think I will like Seattle's version of Summer:) I know I love Texas Summer; Ryann and I got to enjoy some summertime fun with my family in Dallas as well as Junction. Here are some pics of our time there, with some May pictures as well.

Summertime fun with my family: Ryann enjoyed making crafts with Lulu, celebrating the 4th in Junction, and playing in the pool in Dallas.
Some pictures of our time in Texas

Some MAY 2010 flashbacks:
Mark graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in May.

My brother in law, Jason, also graduated in May from Truett Seminary. Next stop for the Hentschels is Dayton, Ohio. They leave next week for University of Dayton, where Jason will be pursuing his PHD for the next 5 years.Congratulations, Jason!

At the end of May we celebrated Erin and Annie turning 30, such Fun

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cloudcroft Family Reunion

Before I left for Guatemala, Ryann and I went with my parents and sister to a family reunion for my mom's side of the family in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. I love Cloudcroft so much, brings back so many good childhood memories:) We had a lot of fun with all of our cousins at the campground (our family didn't camp, but many of our relatvies did). Made me really really wish my grandmother didn't have Alzeimers and was able to be there to enjoy her siblings and their families, she would have had so much fun.
FUN Family Pics


One of my favorite pictures: My great aunt (in upper 90s) and her great grand daughter, Elizabeth, making silly faces for the camera. So Cute.

Family Group Pic

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What are y'all doing up there?

We have been so very busy the last few weeks! Three weeks after we moved up here, Ryann and I went back to Dallas, then New Mexico, and then Mark joined me for our annual Guatemala trip (blogs about all of these trips will hopefully happen soon).My little family unit is back in Seattle now until *gulp* Christmas, which is actually a good thing for our acclimation (although, hard)One of the most often asked questions of me is," Now, why and what are y'all doing up there?" Well, the why, is easy...we feel like God put us here at this time in our lives. The What is being learned right now. Mark is working so very hard learning this new job at World Concern. So far, he has loved it, which is so great to have a husband that loves his job. I am so proud of him and his leadership of our family (although I don't say it near enough)What we both love is World Concern's Mission statement which is seen here: