Monday, September 21, 2009


Here are some recent happenings in our hood....

1. Ryann is in the middle of Potty Training. She goes about 3 times a day on the potty (me telling her it is time to go and sitting her on it, not her asking to go). She is not consistent, but we are getting there. She will hate these pictures some day!!

2. We celebrated our 6 Wedding Anniversary on Sept.20. We had such a great time...Mark bought me a dozen white roses (my favorite flower),ate a great dinner at Enos, ate dessert at Pokey-Os, Mark took me shopping and bought me an outfit, and ended the night by watching 17again. Great great this guy!

3. Tina, my hairdresser since I was 4, cut Ryann's hair for free at my hair appt. a couple of weeks ago. Ryann just got a little trim, but you could tell she felt like such a big girl sitting in the chair.

4. In late August, my dear friend Annie Hunt had a beautiful baby girl named Hattie. Heather and I had so much fun taking Ryann up to see the new Hunt family. Congratulations Hunt family!! Hattie is an absolute doll.

5. This actually happened this summer, but found these pics on my camera and thought it was too funny not too post. I was in charge of ordering bandanas for the teenagers for our Guatemala Mission trip. Every teen is on a team and they identify what team they are on by wearing a specific bandana. All the colors were taken by the little kids so I had to resort to patterned bandanas. I was having a hard time coming up with 6 types of patterned bandanas, until I ran across a bandana website.oh, happy day, they had tons of patterned bandanas. They listed a "leaf" pattern. I thought that would be great for a team being that we are in Guatemala, lots of jungle leaves, etc. I bought 2 dozen of them. When they arrived , they had the word "cannabis" on the outside of the pack. Being my naive self, I googled "cannabis" and lo and behold....the cannabis leaf is the marijuana leaf. So I now had 24 weed bandanas. Needless to say, I did not take them to Guatemala. I threw them away, but not without a photo. Meanwhile Mark was in Guatemala during this time. I told him about the bandanas and he told Julio (the missionary they were staying with). Something got lost in translation and Julio thought I had accidently bought actual weed (Mark promptly corrected him)....would've have been a lot worse than bandanas.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Mid August we decided to do a little weekend staycation before Mark started the semester. We gave ourselves a budget of $30 per day, including food. It was so fun and sort of a game to find really cheap activities around Dallas. Friday we started off our day at the Arboretum, where tickets were only a dollar for the month of August. Ryann loved all the story book playhouses. We then went and saw a movie at the dollar theater and finished our night with a meal at Mama's Pizza (Mark's favorite pizza place). Saturday we started off the day at Sandy Lake Park. I had not been there since the 6th grade when I went with FBA:) It is still there and rockin' Ry had so much fun on the little kid rides and proved to be quite the thrill seeker...which thrilled Mark. We had a picnic lunch and headed home for a nap. It was such a fun way to say goodbye to Summer. Here are some pics of our weekend...