Wednesday, February 8, 2012


** As of January 1, 2012, we have been waiting 6 Months.

To Our Daughter,
Half a Year! We have been waiting half a year for you, little one. This month, I want to focus on how great your father is. He is handling this wait much better than I am. Sure, he gets impatient like I do, but he is far more calm, and can really see the big picture. He is like this with the adoption, as well as every other area of life. We are opposites. I get completely absorbed by details, and he can really see the end game. His eternal perspective is inspiring. I need him in my life. If he wasn't here to balance out my type A self, we would all be a mess. I am always amazed how the Lord has matched us up perfectly.
He really is the best husband.He is so good on knowing how to love me. He tells me everyday that I am beautiful, even if my insecure self has a hard time believing him. I am so incredibly thankful for him and his leadership of this family.
He really is the best dad. He and Ryann have such a sweet relationship.Ryann looks forward to his return home from work every night. He plays pretend with her every single night. It is the highlight of her day. I often think it is the highlight of his day as well. They are two peas in a pod, sharing the same face (I think they look so much alike) as well as sharing the same silly personality traits. I love how he loves Ryann. I look forward to him having a relationship with you too. I know he will love you so well.

Some of my favorite pictures of Mark

1. Travelling and learning about loving other cultures well makes Mark so very happy.

2. Mark and Ryann being silly. This was a big day, the day where we were fingerprinted and filed all our paperwork with Citizen Immigration Services. It was a big milestone,for sure.

3. Mark and Ryann on one of their Daddy/Daughter dates. This was when he took her to see the musical, Mary Poppins...I don't know which one loved it more.

4. Mark and Ryann at a Seattle Mariners game last Summer.Love.