Friday, June 26, 2009

Shu Shu gets a Smoochie

We said goodbye to Shu Shu (uncle) Xiaoming and his daughter Tina. They went back to China last week and we miss them already. Ryann gave Xiaoming a clearly unexpected goodbye kiss....I absolutely LOVE this picture

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Channeling Pedro

Since Mark started school last August, he has been letting his hair grow out.He had really begun to look like a disciple. His hair is really thick and it is so hot outside... his locks of love began to be a problem. Because of his internship, he will be spending a lot of time outside in the hot he decided to have his head shaved last night. It reminded us of one of our favorite movies, Napolean Dynamite, in that Pedro decided to shave his head because of the sole reason of being hot....which was Mark's sole reason as well.
I was at church when the shaving took place. When I got home, I went in to say goodnight to Ryann. She was sitting in her bed and said with concern, "Daddy's hair all gone....bye bye hair." Bye Bye Hair


Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh Baby, Baby...

This past weekend, I celebrated the babies of two of my sweetest, closest gal pals, Annie Hunt and Liesel Rios. Saturday, we had a shower for Annie and baby girl Hunt. Hattie Hunt (love the alliteration) will make her debut the beginning of September.Annie is seriously so beautiful pregnant and I cannot wait to meet the newest Disney Princess. It was also so fun to have Jill in town this past weekend all the way from Colorado!

Baby Moses Rios came to Big D along with his beautiful mommy, Liesel this week. Motherhood definitely agrees with Liesel. I had so much fun meeting this handsome, handsome little man. He has the cutest dimples I have ever seen and Ryann seemed to think so too. Wish the Rios family lived closer.

Medieval Times and First Trip to the Zoo

One of Mark's life long dreams was to go to Medieval Times. Not Really. But,he has always wanted to my parents made his dream a reality and we celebrated our family's April Birthdays with a Belated Medieval Times Bash. Happy Belated Birthday Mark, Jason, and Read!!
It was so incredibly cheesy and so much fun! Our knight was much more interested in his flowing hair than fighting...which provided us lots of laughs.
Ryann did not attend this bash...but definitely got an awesome princess hat and scepter from Pappy and Lulu as a souvenir

Ryann had her first trip to the zoo last month. We had a great time with Lulu and the animals. Ryann didn't show much love for the B team animals but was postitively giddy when she saw the elephants, monkeys, and the giraffes

Ryann loved the petting zoo

Monday, June 8, 2009

Let's Potty!

I need help, all you fellow toddler mamas. Ryann is somewhat interested in the potty now and I am going to go buy one of those little training pottys. Is one better than the other? or all they all the same? Being a first time mom, I have no idea! Any suggestions?