Monday, June 8, 2009

Let's Potty!

I need help, all you fellow toddler mamas. Ryann is somewhat interested in the potty now and I am going to go buy one of those little training pottys. Is one better than the other? or all they all the same? Being a first time mom, I have no idea! Any suggestions?


Tim and Laura said...

We used the Baby Bjorn potty and the Baby Bjorn insert that goes into the big potty. Both worked great! I have only potty trained a boy, but I definitely recommend them!

The Farells said...

We have been at the "curious" stage for awhile. It is kinda fun! Initially, we used (borrowed from Dana Lynn) the Baby Bjorn potty that sits on the floor. I would just park him on it every night before his bath.
Now, we use the seat that goes on the big potty. The plus side... he has to ask to use the potty. I don't have the risk of a naked child running around making a mess. Down side... he has to ask... which may hinder the whole independence thing. Either way, we are happy with both options, but tend to use the seat more than the floor potty.
I know the Poages have been using a floor potty that doubles as a step stool.
Have fun! :)

The Crazy Gengler Boys said...

We never used a practice potty. We bought one, but my kids wanted to sit on the big potty. We just got a step stool so they could get on by themselves. They make little things to put on the potty that makes it easier so they don't fall in... Each time Sam would go potty, we would give him a sticker to put on his potty seat. He thought that was pretty cool! =)

John and Sarah said...

Love the new blog look....Leelou blogs rocks!!! (said with my fist pumped up in the air)