Thursday, May 28, 2009

Junction and Baby Jesus

For the past week, Ryann has wrapped herself up in a blanket and called herself "Baby Jesus". She does this several times a day and wants Mark to hold "Baby Jesus" and refer to her as only "Baby Jesus"....hmmmm

We went down to my parent's property in Junction, Tx Memorial Day weekend and had a blast. Ryann loves to be outside and the weather was perfect. She also had her first s'more, which she enjoyed thoroughly.

when Ryann tastes something she finds delicious, she is very dramatic and closes her eyes...this is her doing this when she tasted a marshmello for the first time


John and Sarah said...

Love it. She is the second cutest baby Jesus ever!! The picture of her eating the marshmallow is hilarious. Lunch was fun today!!!

Annie and Jeremy said...

ahhh, such cuteness in one family! :)