Monday, May 4, 2009

That man is not my babydaddy

Ryann has been calling any man she sees "daddy" lately....which makes for some awkward situations. Today we were in line at the post office and Ryann was dancing/twirling. She stopped mid-twirl and turned behind me and said to a very nice, African American man..."Come on, Daddy let's dance. C'mon Daddy dance, dance" The man seemed startled at first and then laughed it off saying,"Oh, I dance....but just not in a post office"
Such a nice man
Such an odd kid (sometimes);)


John and Sarah said...

Hilarious! She is a funny lady. Cant wait to see yall on Saturday night!

Deatherage Cafe said...

Oh, I would have paid to be in line with you to witness that! so funny!

Brett and Erin said...

Hi! This is Erin (Maddox)-- I'm so glad you wrote back in the fall-- and I'm finally responding! Our little boy does the same thing-- he said dada to an elderly african american man in the line at wal-mart, and the man didn't know what to say! I'm sure the embarrassing things Matthew says will get worse the older he gets!