Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Amazing Race

Mark and I are huge dorks and not afraid to admit it. Last week,I heard that The Amazing Race TV show was having an open casting call on May 2 in Grapevine. Mark and I decided to go. We love the show and always say that we want to be on it. SO SAD to see the day before the casting call, that it was cancelled. BOO!!!!!
We still decided to make our audition tape and fill out the super long application. I mailed it in yesterday. We definitely know that there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of us making it, but it was still so fun to apply. Thanks so much to Matt and Angie Wood for helping us edit our tape. It is so incredibly stupid and ridiculous, I can't believe I let them see it, that's true friendship:). If I were a more secure person, I would post it. But,alas, I am not. Just know, that there is a choreographed dance routine:) Knowing that NOTHING will come from this, we had so much fun applying. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Mark is a great husband, he is really is the funniest person I know. I love him.


John and Sarah said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring the video to our mothers day dinner!!!

Annie and Jeremy said...

I HAVE TO SEE IT!!!!!!!! I am SO proud of you for doing it! I've ALWAYS wanted to apply, and I came REALLY close to doing it last year...with a friend of mine from my intern days at FBC. Amazing Race is an awesome show (my favorite reality actually), and I think you guys have a GREAT chance! keep us posted!!!!