Friday, November 28, 2008

When You WISH Upon A Star

Mark's very GENEROUS parents took us on a WONDERFUL vacation last week to Disney World and on a Disney cruise. We had such an Unbelievable time. Since Mark has started DTS, our time together is very limited due to his rigorous course load and multiple papers/reading, etc. I don't think I have every appreciated a vacation this much....we needed it! We had so much fun just being together, sharing in Mark's favorite place, and getting to know his parents even better. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of their caring, sweet family. We are beyond grateful for them.We are also so very thankful for my parents, Ryann's Pappy and Lulu,for watching our baby girl last week.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PuMpKiN PiCtUrEs

Ryann Cate got her picture taken by a photographer named Christi Cosper in the pumpkins at the Arboretum awhile back. We had a lot of fun at her first pumpkin photo shoot. Here are some of my faves of our little pumpkin....

Ryann and her buddies, Abby Latimer and Millie Collier

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our team is What? RED HOT!

Ryann and I went to the Woodrow Wilson High School Football Game last night. It was the last game of the season and the last time my last squad before I quit, would cheer. So I had to go see them!We had so much fun catching up with my fellow teachers, students, and my friend and fellow cheerleading sponsor, Aaronia! I miss her too. Ryann LOVED it. She is quite the mover and shaker and cheered/clapped right along with them.

My last JV squad, before I "retired" to be a full-time mommy. This was such a sweet, fun, and funny group.They are now Beautiful Senior Varsity Girls and all grown up. Seeing them cheer, made me miss it, and them!

This is my friend, Aaronia, who was a fellow teacher/cheerleading sponsor at Woodrow and was usually the one that kept me sane! Ryann loves her some Aaronia. Wouldn't let me hold her all night, just wanted her.....which Aaronia was so sweet to oblige. Ryann with some of my former students, who are now Seniors and the drill-team captains. This particular class was special to me because they saw my pregnancy from beginning to end and were so sweet to me, especially towards the end when I was as big as a house!I heard "Yay!!" and lots of clapping this morning, I went in her room and found this. How did she get her shirt like that? Where are her pants? She was wearing the firefighterhat(it is kept by the bed on a "i thought it was out of reach" book case)Ha!, but took it off and refused to put it back on for the camera.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jazz Hands

Ryann likes to wear her fireman hat every morning as soon as she gets up...Why? I have no idea Ryann had her 18 month check-up last week ( in true Erin fashion, a month late). She was 25lbs(60th percentile), although she feels much much heavier and I don't remember how long she was (bad mom, I know...however, I know it was in the 75th percentile) and her head is in the 90 percentile (surprise, surprise...she has always had a large head...lots of brains). She is becoming quite the talker, although we rarely know what she says. She speaks with such confidence in what she is saying, that we usually just nod our heads and play along with her conversation.Some of her words that we do know, although they don't really sound very clear, are as follows:
mama/mommy...FINALLY, I feel so validated.

thank you (tank u)
MORE (says this a lot at meal time)
cracker, cookie
Night Night
No No No (always in threes and very emphatic)
I love you (pronounced I.U.)
Lulu (my mom)
Pappy (my dad)
papa (grandpa)
mama(says this for grandma)
Rico(Uncle Read....disclaimer: I am SURE she can say Sarah,John, Sara, Jason, Scot and Conni too....just haven't heard it yet..I know it is coming soon:) )
shake it
JAZZ HANDS (so, it doesn't sound exactly like jazz hands, but she does say something like it it while she does jazz hands...I worked a long time on this trick)
Meow(says this when she sees a cat)
yogurt (YoGo)

She is such a JOY. I cannot imagine a better gift. She has such a sweet spirit. I have had some hard days going back to work part time. One particular day, I must have looked kind of sad after work and Ryann came up, gave me a hug, patted me on the back and said I. U. (I love you).so cute. This is not to say, she has not exercised her will. Last week, when I picked her up from her class, her teacher told me she scratched a little boy on the face because he took her baby doll. not so cute.

We are so blessed to have our little one and half year old. This is my favorite stage yet. It is so incredible to see her personality coming out and her character forming. We love you Ry, Ry.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Alan and Ryann Heart Halloween

Our new friend, Alan, came over for some Halloween fun last night. No Halloween in China, so we tried to the best of our ability to explain Trick or Treating. Pretty weird concept, it you think about it. Nevertheless, we had such a good time. Ryann loved Trick or Treating and so did Alan. Everytime the door bell rang, Ryann would get sooo excited and grab Alan's hand and they would go to the front door together to pass out candy. Alan would then take pictures of the trick or treaters. SO Cute.
Go AGGIES! For her second Halloween, We dressed up Ryann as an Aggie Cheerleader. Maybe she will bring the team some luck?!?
A Jack o Lantern Pizza

My mom and brother, red-raider Read joined in the festivities.

After Mark explained to Alan that adults really don't dress up for Halloween or go trick or treating, Mark's parents did a surprise drop-in in costume. Poor Alan was probably really confused. Love the costumes! Alan is Ryann's new best friend

Alan passing out candy to Flash Gordon


Our friends and neighbors, The Woods, invited us over last weekend for some Halloween Fun. We had fun taking pictures of the kiddos.

A potential Aggie, for sure:)

Wrong team, Ryann.

Barrett Wood and Abby Latimer=Cutest Vegetables I've Ever SeenUh Oh...Pumpkin Down