Friday, May 30, 2008

PaGiNg DR. FaBuLoUs

Congratulations to our dear friend, Heather Klein on graduating Medical School tomorrow!!We are so very proud of her and all of her hard work. Heather is quite the fashionista, so my mom and I thought it would be fitting to GLAM up her boring white lab coat. We LOVE you so much,Heather,and in the words of my favorite Project Runway contestant, "You look fierce!"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Girls Just Want to Have FUN!

Thanks Meredith for opening up your home to our wild women:) We had a great time!

Before "Hyper" Ryann set in

Sweet Millie

Playing Chase on the Stairs

Let's hear it for the BoYs!

Ryann and I went to play with her boyfriends, Nathan and Jonah this week.I expected a fun-filled afternoon catching up with old friends. What I didn't expect was Ryann's first kiss!! No Joke! A 2 year old came up to Ryann, kissed her on the mouth and then patted her head. Minus the germs, kind of cute, right?!? Wrong. Ryann went right back up to him and gave him a full on the mouth kiss right back. Poor Mark.
"Hiyee!"...I hear this ALL day!

Aren't these little guys the cutest?!? Future heartbreakers, for sure!

FBA Buddies, Shannon and Melody

Hangin' with my homeboys, Jonah Mac and Nathan

Cheap Entertainment (thanks latimers!)

Playing with my box and my buddy Scott

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hello Dallas Friends and Family,

I am the ticket sales chair for the Dallas Pregnancy Resource Center's Benefit Concert this year. The concert is going to be held on Thursday June 26 at 7pm at Park Cities Baptist Church. This year's featured artist is Ginny Owens. For those of you who have not heard of her, she is a Christian recording artist who is blind. She is a joy to listen to and her music is truly inspirational.

If you are interested in attending, please let me know. The tickets are $20.00 for general admission and $30.00 for prefered seating. The money raised will benefit the Pregnancy Center. This is a great venue to hear great music, find out more about our ministry, and have great fellowship. So, if interested, please spread the word! This would be a GREAT get-together for families, friends,churches, Sunday School classes, Community groups, neighbors, co-workers, youth groups, play-date groups, and the list goes on and on.
Thanks for reading. This ministry has touched my life in ways I cannot verbally express. The Center is such a ministry to me. Every Thursday, I get to meet with girls who are on some pretty tough journeys and have chosen Life for their babies. They need our help. All that to say,Your $20.00 would be so much more than a concert ticket.

Thank You for your time,
Erin Lamb

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Must Read

I finished this book not too long ago. It is about putting the Lord first in all of your family/holiday traditions. I especially loved the chapters on Christmas and Easter. We live in such secular, material-driven times and this book is so refreshing in that it challenges us to actively put Jesus as the focal point in all of our celebrations.It really challenged me to really re-think how I view what is important. I look forward to putting into practice a lot of her ideas with Ryann in the coming years. I highly recommend this book and think every mom or dad should read it!

ScOt LoVeS cOnNi

One year ago today my bro. in law Scot married Conni. Such a fun day! We all thought we were going to their engagement party and lo and behold it was their wedding!! They surprised us all. Happy Day....Congrats on your first anniversary!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Russian Gymnast

Ryann has weird hair. It is a glorified mullet, growing long in the back and not at all on the sides. weird. I have been trying really hard to get it in a pony tail. We got it into one last night, with numerous clips. She reminded us of a Russian gymnast and how they have about 20 clips holding back their hair:)

Take down my hair!

On another note, Ryann has been side-stepping without assistance....I think the first step forward is around the corner

Sunday, May 11, 2008

We love you LeSleY!

My dear college roomate Lesley Roberts came in town this weekend from LA for her Texas Baby Shower. We had so much fun seeing her beautiful pregnant self and cannot wait to meet little Samuel Roberts!I have decided that she needs to be a Maternity Model, Pregnancy becomes her:) Congratulations Lesley and Jake!

The ladies of Midtown 1608F-Can't believe we graduated 6 years ago!!Such fun years:)

Lesley with Christi and Erin

Lesley, me, Ryann, and Ryann's future husband Sam (in utero)-Nothing wrong with a younger man;)

Happy MoThEr'S DaY!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms that read this blog! I hope your day was special.
To our moms...We LoVe you so much
We love you Grandma Lamb (Mark's mom)

We love you Lulu (Erin's mom)

Mother's Day 2008: Love being a mom!

Mother's Day 2007:Not sure what I think about being a mom- Spent the day in a fog from lack of sleep:)Oh, what a difference a year makes

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fun in JuNcTiOn

A couple of weeks ago, Mark, Ryann, and I joined my family down in Junction. My parents,along with some friends, just built a great house in the hill country. Our weekend included a 4 hour canoe trip, great food, quality time with my siblings, parents, and fabulous aunt Molly, and some much needed rest. We had a wonderful time. Thanks mom and dad for having us out!

Friday, May 2, 2008

A Label Destroyed

I hate labels.If a person can't read at a certain level by a certain age, "remedial" follows said person to graduation and many times beyond. Often people automatically assume that a person is "rich","poor","educated","ignorant","athletic","musically inclined" solely based on skin color or circumstance. It has become so second nature, that many times people are unaware that they even do it. I say I hate labels, but I am a hypocrite and have realized that I often label people. I have been challenged by the life of a new friend to start praying daily that this stops.
My friend "Maria" has obliterated her "label". I am going on my fourth year at the Pregnancy Center and never before have I connected so personally with a client as I have with "Maria" (can't share real name). Maria came in about 7 months ago,shy, scared,pregnant and not really knowing what to do. She was 14. Immediately I thought how in the world is a 14 year old pregnant?!? What kind of girl is she? Where were her parents?,What is with this generation? Does anyone have morals anymore? and so on and so on...Labels,Labels, Labels went through my head. About 5 minutes into our conversation, it was apparent that Maria had just made a wrong choice. Haven't we all. True, her choice has greater consequences than most choices, but a sin is a sin. We are all guilty.We are all depraved.
Maria was determined to keep her baby and become the "best mom she could possibly be" (her words). She decided to be a part of our Mentoring program, which included a weekly visit with me,a lesson, and homework assignment based on topics having to do with her pregnancy, parenting/life skills, and some Bible study. Maria never missed a week, she was early to all her appointments, and even had a notebook where she kept all her assignments. Determined to keep up with her studies (she is a Pre-AP honors student),Maria left her school and enrolled in a accelerated home-school Internet program. She chose to do this so her mother and father won't be "stuck with my responsibility" (her words).She is mature way beyond her years, Maria is now 15 and is on track to graduate a year early through this program. She has several books going at one time so she can stay ahead in her studies.She wants to be a nurse. I know she will be.
Maria called me this morning and told me that she just gave birth to the "most beautiful son ever." A serious crier, I immediately started crying, which probably scared her a little bit. I felt the emotions I felt when Ryann was proud, so thankful. Life is going to be undoubtedly hard for Maria, but without a shadow of a doubt,I know she can and will do it well. Throughout our weeks together, the Lord has challenged my prideful,self-righteous self in ways I didn't know I even needed to be challenged. How often do I assume? judge? or label? Hopefully now it will be less.

Me and Maria's son