Sunday, May 11, 2008

We love you LeSleY!

My dear college roomate Lesley Roberts came in town this weekend from LA for her Texas Baby Shower. We had so much fun seeing her beautiful pregnant self and cannot wait to meet little Samuel Roberts!I have decided that she needs to be a Maternity Model, Pregnancy becomes her:) Congratulations Lesley and Jake!

The ladies of Midtown 1608F-Can't believe we graduated 6 years ago!!Such fun years:)

Lesley with Christi and Erin

Lesley, me, Ryann, and Ryann's future husband Sam (in utero)-Nothing wrong with a younger man;)


Kati said...

Little Sis!!!! I have no idea how I found your blog---through one of your friends that I'm friends with I guess...I can't even remember who I was clicking on! Anyway, now I'm going to blog stalk you!:)

Les and Shannon said...

How pregnant is she - she is beautiful!

John and Sarah said...

She is so freaking cute. Doesnt even look pregnant.