Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Russian Gymnast

Ryann has weird hair. It is a glorified mullet, growing long in the back and not at all on the sides. weird. I have been trying really hard to get it in a pony tail. We got it into one last night, with numerous clips. She reminded us of a Russian gymnast and how they have about 20 clips holding back their hair:)

Take down my hair!

On another note, Ryann has been side-stepping without assistance....I think the first step forward is around the corner


Annie and Jeremy said...

HAHAHA, I just totally laughed REALLY hard, OUT LOUD at your Russian gymnast comment!!! She DOES look like a Russian gymnast! Girl, you crack me up! Ryann is the cutest Russian gymnast I've ever seen! :)

Les and Shannon said...

Mullet - all business in front and party in the back! Ha ha! Side steps - without assistance? That is crazy. I so wish Nathan would speed up the walking process because he is getting HEAVY!

John and Sarah said...

I dont want her to grow up anymore!!!! She looks so old with her ponytail! SAD!! She is sooooo cute

Mom said...

Mark your pants are awesome.

stacymac said...

that is awesome. she looks ready for beijing 08