Friday, June 12, 2009

Medieval Times and First Trip to the Zoo

One of Mark's life long dreams was to go to Medieval Times. Not Really. But,he has always wanted to my parents made his dream a reality and we celebrated our family's April Birthdays with a Belated Medieval Times Bash. Happy Belated Birthday Mark, Jason, and Read!!
It was so incredibly cheesy and so much fun! Our knight was much more interested in his flowing hair than fighting...which provided us lots of laughs.
Ryann did not attend this bash...but definitely got an awesome princess hat and scepter from Pappy and Lulu as a souvenir

Ryann had her first trip to the zoo last month. We had a great time with Lulu and the animals. Ryann didn't show much love for the B team animals but was postitively giddy when she saw the elephants, monkeys, and the giraffes

Ryann loved the petting zoo


Chris and Jill said...

Medieval Times - FUN!! That brings back memories of "honor roll trips" from FBA jr. high, LOL! And two thumbs up for Ryann's princess hat - very pretty!
Glad y'all had fun at the zoo. Happy to hear Ry liked the giraffes - girl after my own heart ;-)

John and Sarah said...

I love your family!!!

Liesel said...

What is Lulu doing in that last picture? :)Ryann is fabulous!