Sunday, July 25, 2010


I love Summer. Everything about it. Summer looks a little different up here. For example, the days are endless (it really doesn't get dark here until 10/10:30pm and the sun is out fully by 5:30/6 am--this has to be the weirdest thing we have had to get used to). The temperature also is quite different. The music minister this morning opened the service by exclaiming how hot it was. Mark and I just looked at each other. This is NOT hot, we know hot. Our car said it was 75 degrees. It truly is beautiful.Looking at mountains on our way to church this morning, I marveled at God's creation. I think I will like Seattle's version of Summer:) I know I love Texas Summer; Ryann and I got to enjoy some summertime fun with my family in Dallas as well as Junction. Here are some pics of our time there, with some May pictures as well.

Summertime fun with my family: Ryann enjoyed making crafts with Lulu, celebrating the 4th in Junction, and playing in the pool in Dallas.
Some pictures of our time in Texas

Some MAY 2010 flashbacks:
Mark graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in May.

My brother in law, Jason, also graduated in May from Truett Seminary. Next stop for the Hentschels is Dayton, Ohio. They leave next week for University of Dayton, where Jason will be pursuing his PHD for the next 5 years.Congratulations, Jason!

At the end of May we celebrated Erin and Annie turning 30, such Fun

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John and Sarah said...

Yay for pictures! Your mom is so fun and creative with all those crafts! Happy birthday Annie and Erin!