Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Lamb Family's Day Off

Yesterday, we felt adventurous and took a train into downtown. We had such a great time and didn't get lost, which was a feat in itself. We enjoyed walking around Millenium Park, Grant Park, and eating at Frontera. We felt very urban...despite the big North Face backpack,stroller, camera around the neck, and map in hand.Chicago, we are beginning to love you.
Here are some pictures taken of the city.

These are the steps (we think) where the people danced while Ferris sang on the parade float....we think. Either way, it warranted a picture.


Heather Pratt said...

Ya'll have really gotten around! Glad you're seeing so much stuff! And Ryann....just too cute for words. :)

Annie and Jeremy said...

OH, that would be my FAVORITE part of the parade scene!!!! I'm so proud of you for finding the stairs! they HAVE to be the same ones from the movie! I give you props! :)