Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is Rick Bayless. We love him. We loved him on Bravo's Top Chef Masters and on his PBS show, Once upon a plate in Mexico (We do realize that we are nerds). When we found out we were coming to Chicago, one of my first thoughts was..."I get to eat at Rick Bayless' restaurant,Frontera!" ...which we did on Saturday, thanks to a gift card from the Drs. Fuentes:) Our meal was so very delicious.


guillotfamily said...

We were introduced to Frontera by Brian and Sara and OMG is it good! We ate there whenever we could while we were living in the midwest. Duck tacos ....mmmmmmmm!!! Rick Bayless is just adorable too! Glad you guys are having so much fun!

John and Sarah said...

I love that tv show on PBS. I didnt know that was him! So fun!

sharper said...

i've heard Frontera is awesome! when i used to travel to Chicago frequently for work, we planned to go one night. but it was a Monday.... and they were closed... :( i hear great things about their margaritas and salsa. enjoy!!

(btw, you are a very good blogger!)