Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend in Big D

This past weekend, we traveled down to Dallas for numerous reasons. 1. My Aunt Molly was in town 2. It was the Birthday of 2 of our favorite people 3. It was my mom's famous (or infamous) Oscar's Party,which definitely warrants it's own post...stay tuned. All in all it was a great weekend, except for me getting Awful Sickness 2010. We were loved on....which we needed.

Here are some highlights from our weekend...
Happy Birthday Papa and Aunt Sarah!

John got Sarah an awesome cake for her Birthday...

Ryann's weekend highlight definitely was receiving early birthday presents from Uncle John and Aunt Sarah and from Heather and Robert. As you can see, we are all about princesses and dress up these days

And finally,I got to meet one one of my best friend's baby..Beautiful Christi holding Beautiful Greta

We also loved seeing our friends, The Woods...why didn't I take a picture?!?


Jennifer Hanson said...

So glad y'all got to go home for a visit so soon after your move. I can not wait (!) for your post/pictures of the Oscar party :-)

mrs.C said...

Erin- I'm so glad you had a good time while you were in Dallas. I look forward to talking with you soon. robin