Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fair Day

I LOVE the fair..... So much that I have NEVER missed a year in my almost 29 year old life. Most years, I go several times. There is something so nostalgic about the fair to me....I love looking at the pigs, eating all the fried food (current favorite is the fried grilled cheese sandwich...so unhealthy...but so delicious), people watching, looking at the butter sculpture, looking at all the kitchen gadgets, new cars, and the list goes on and on. I always feel SO gross and disgusting after a day at the fair...but this never deters me from going back for more. I think the Castleberry Fair experience has fully indoctrinated Mark...because he is going three different times this week. Ah....good times.

Ryann LOVES to give kisses...and most of them are a bit open-mouthed.....weird.

Ryann LOVES her Pappy and Lulu....and LOVED them even more when they fed her a corny dog and Jack's French FriesRyann had fun looking at all the "duckies" and "doggies" (BTW, EVERY animal is a "duckie" or a "doggie")


Czarina said...

You may not remember me...but I thought I'd say hello anyways.
It's Czarina - from Hastings Elementary...wow...talk about a LONG time ago!
Melody Macaluso is a friend of mine and I found your blog through hers! I love reading about your family and thought it was time I said hello :-D

You have a beautiful family and a such a loving heart for the Lord. I love reading peoples blogs who are bold and brave to talk about their Christian walk!

PS - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fair...now I have to convince my husband to go with me. He's too health conscious...he doesn't GET why eating at the fair is the BEST part.

Chris and Jill said...

Annie got me to try the Fried Snickers at the Fair last Saturday... oh my goodness, WOW! I probably increased my cholesterol count 1000% that day but it was so worth it ;-)
Ryann has good taste by the way... I love the petting zoo too! Those baby goats are so cute!

John and Sarah said...

LOVE IT! Your parents look soooo happy!!! I love them. If anything ever happens to my parents do you think they would step in and be pretend parents?