Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BeAuTiFuL People

I thought I would share some personal snapshots into the lives of our friends in Guatemala in order to give a more in-depth look at our Summer trips. Sadly, my camera broke early in the trip, but I was able to take some pictures.



The women of this community live hard lives. Often times they are the sole caregiver to their very large families. They are so sacrificial and really would do anything for their children. This year we were able to give these women some special gifts that allowed for some pampering. Thanks to several generous donations, the women enjoyed personal makeup bags full of makeup, toiletries, Lady Primrose soaps and body wash, and MaryKay lipsticks. You could see the JOY on their faces as they received each gift after the nightly Bible Study.

Julio, Lucrecia,Dara,and Yaris Garcia and AWANAS

Julio is a CAM missionary that ministers full-time to this community. He has a beautiful wife and two darling daughters. He has made unbelievably great strides in the last year with the implementation of the Awanas (Oansa) program for the farm children. Every week he and a few volunteers run AWANAS for children age 4-13. We had the privilege to witness this program first hand. The difference of behavior of the children in AWANAS and those that are not is unbelievable. They know so many Scriptures and seem to have a wonderful time singing songs and fellowshipping with one another. Julio also transports the farm kids to his church and back again every Sunday. Gracias a Dios for the Garcia Family, they are true SERVANTS


In 2005, Eloisa was on my team. We have developed a neat connection over the years and her Christ-like heart is evident through her actions and interactions with others. She is a special young lady. In Feb. 2008, one of her older brothers was murdered by a machete. Crime is a huge problem in this area and her brothers run in some pretty vicious circles. The first Sunday we were there, Eloisa had another older brother shot and murdered. The night of the murder, a small group of us went over to the widow's house to pray with her and her 8 children. It was such a surreal experience, standing in a mud house with a tarp roof, praying with a family whose future and livelihood was essentially destroyed. How are these children going to eat? Is the rest of this family going to be safe? Why do I complain about meaningless things? This family has real problems. If you think about it, please pray for Eloisa and her family...she is so very sweet and is so sad.

We could not have done this without the prayer/financial/supply support from so many of you. Words cannot express how thankful we are for your help. This was an amazing trip and the relationships formed are far from over. We cannot wait to get back to these BEAUTIFUL people that have such open,beautiful hearts.


Chris and Jill said...

Beautifully said, Erin. I have full confidence these good works the Lord has begun within these people are indeed far from over.

John and Sarah said...

Great post. Made me miss Eloisa even more.

Les and Shannon said...

So what else is Ryann eating? Nathan has gotten SO picky!

stacymac said...

hey erin!er alex
fabulous pics from guatemala..i'm jealous. we're anxious to start missions after alex finishes up this summer.
i'm due at the end of the month, but wish it was yesterday. so ready, so grumpy..

Melody said...

Wow. I am in tears after reading this post. It's amazing how blessed we are and how much I often take that for granted. Thank you for the reminder of the importance of missions and looking beyond ourselves.