Saturday, September 13, 2008

O Canada!

This past weekend, Annie Hunt and I went to Vancouver to visit our dear friend Liesel and her husband, Jeremy. It was such a FANTASTIC weekend, filled with sightseeing, talking, EATING wonderful food, laughing, and friendship. Thanks casa de Rios, for such a great, memorable weekend! Thank you also to Mark, Sarah, Grandma and Grandpa Lamb, and Lulu and Pappy for helping watch Ryann Cate
Upon arrival, we went on a sight-seeing drive up to Shannon Falls. It was a great start to our weekend trip!

On Saturday, we went to Granville Island, a huge food/flower market.

Liesel took us to this gorgeous flower garden. The colors were so vibrant, I could have stayed there all day!

Jeremy and Liesel live about a 1/2 mile from the beach. We had so much fun people watching!

This is Jeremy and Liesel's church. Jeremy is the pastor of this young Vietnamese congregation. He preached a great sermon on Sunday and this small congregation was so very sweet....and very cool looking!! On our final full day, we went canoeing. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. We even saw three seals!

So, everyone goes through a rebellious phase, right?! Mine just happens to be at 28. I decided to get my nose pierced in Vancouver. I actually have wanted to get one for years and Mark has wanted me to get one too, so I did it! It is teeny-tiny, but fun. The anticipation was far worse than the pain itself. Corey was the trusty piercer and he was very kind and patient with my (and Annie's) nerves.... Girls gone Wild...Vancouver edition!
LOVE You Rios Family, Thanks so very much for your time and hospitality


Les and Shannon said...

Way to go on the nose you crazy girl! What do dear mom and dad think :)

erin d. said...

I LOVE that you have your DPRC concert shirt on while getting it pierced!!

Annie and Jeremy said...

Love your pictures, Erin!!!! You're such an awesome travel-buddy! I miss Vancouver...M-I-C...cya real soon! K-E-Y...why? because we like you!

Chris and Jill said...

Love your pictures! Erin, you are so brave!! I've wanted to get my upper ear pierced for years but I always chicken out!
So glad y'all had such an AMAZING visit together :-) The "fish face" picture is classic :-)