Monday, October 26, 2009

My New "Job"

The word "job" is very loosely used here. This semester, God provided such an amazing opportunity for me to stay at home and obviously take care of Ryann, but with the addition of an adorable Barrett Wood two mornings a week. He really is the cutest little boy ever. We have so much fun playing outside, making crafts (which Ryann is currently obsessed with),reading books, and learning about "sharing" (Ryann doing the learning) I could not ask for anything better.


Ryann's Craft


stacymac said...

so ryann obsessed with painting pumpkins (or anything)? hutch is right there with her. too bad we don't live closer...they could have a painting date.

Matt and Angie Wood said...

You are the absolute best! Barrett loves playing with you and Ryann (ronnie) so much - thanks for posting these pictures and for taking such good care of my little man.

Liesel said...

I love the picture of Ryann being a little artist. Way to catch the moment!