Saturday, December 19, 2009


My brother Read and I ran the White Rock Half Marathon last weekend. I am not a "runner".I ran track in jr high and high school, but my races were always sprints, never longer than 200m. My brother and I decided to do this race this past summer. I was very nervous because I was so out of shape and running really is not fun to me. We started our training program in Sept and the program took us right up to race day. It worked....which really proves that if my out of shape self can do this, ANYONE can do this with training. My goal was just to finish the race and not walk, which I did. I didn't care about time at all, I was more concerned with our coordinating outfits looking good:)
All in all, this whole experience was fantastic. Don't get me wrong...the last 3 miles were hard, but beyonce, mj, the cast of glee, taylor swift, and hillsong were playing full-blast, which made them do-able. I loved doing this with Read. I think I am hooked. Pondering doing the Cow-town half in Feb.


Annie and Jeremy said...

YEA!!!! I'm so proud of you! Congrats, girl! :)

stacymac said...

good for you! that's good stuff.