Monday, February 22, 2010

Wheaton Weekend

We are embarking on our second week in Chicagoland. This past weekend we walked around Wheaton and looked all around the college campus. Such a beautiful campus, full of such rich history. We embraced our inner nerd and looked all around the Wade Center, which houses one of C.S. Lewis' desks, one of Tolkien's desks, and the actual wardrobe that was the inspiration for the Narnia series. Very Cool. We were so excited to see it, since we absolutely love all things Narnia.

The Wardrobe

Tolkien Desk

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John and Sarah said...

Coool! That is sooo fun! What a great experience. Also, this morning I thought, "im bored. Ill pop on over to Erin's blog and see whats happening. There is no chance she has changed it already..." and then I am happily surprised by your new layout and blog post! Made my morning a little bit brighter!