Friday, May 7, 2010

Seattle, Here we Come!

It's official....we will be residents of Seattle one month from today!! Mark accepted a job with the international development ministry, World Concern. It is a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to the poorest of the poor around the world...will write more about this later.
Please pray for us during this crazy, busy time of moving, and transitioning our lives!


Jennifer Hanson said...

Oh my word!! Oh my word!!!! OH. MY. WORD. AHHHH!! I am so excited for you guys!!!!! Congratulations :-D

Jeremy Rios said...

And Rios visits, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeek! I am SO excited. They can't build that border Sonic fast enough!
(Liesel on Jeremy's account)

Elyse said...

So excited for you guys! We'll be praying for you. Let's get together before the big move!

John and Sarah said...

TIME FOR A NEW BLOG POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...jk I know you are crazy busy with moving.