Monday, August 1, 2011


*We have been officially on the waitlist for one month.It's weird to me to say we have been waiting one month, when in reality it has been so much longer than that. We have wanted to adopt for years, and have been in the process for almost a year. However, we have been on the official waitlist for one month as of today, August 1, so that is the marker I will count. When I was pregnant with Ryann, I wanted to write her a letter each month she was in utero, but never did. I want to write letters each month to our next daughter for however long we wait.
To Our Daughter,
This past month, we experienced the joy and excitement of being officially placed on a very long waitlist, for you.The reality of how long the list is and how long we will have to wait is daunting sometimes.We wish we could get on a plane right now to come, for you,but that is not part of God's plan. A plan that is far bigger and wider than mine. A plan that brought us to this place.A plan that will change our family for the better. A plan that has already changed me so much, and it has only be one month. A plan that has me seeing beyond myself. A plan I cannot wait to see play out. A plan I am so blessed and honored to be a part of. However long, this list is one that we will gladly wait on, for you. This month, we told all our family and friends that we were waiting with great expectation, for you. We are praying fervently, daily, for you. I have loved teaching Ryann about your birthplace this month; we put a map in her room with a heart on Ethiopia, she looks at it many times a day, asking, for you. I tell her the wait is long, which is hard to understand.Waiting for you, is teaching her patience, teaching me patience, teaching your dad patience... But she prays, I pray, your dad prays, for you. You, my dear, are in my heart always.We have so much love in our hearts, for you.
We love you.


Jennifer Hanson said...

I love everything about this. You have such an amazing family and you will be such a special blessing to that little girl. (Though speaking from the experience of having two little adopted sister of my own - your little girl is going to bless you guys even more than you bless her!)

The Brantmeiers said...

I am overwhelmed with emotion reading your blog and watching Ryann in that video. My heart is just overflowing with happiness for you and your precious family! I'm so amazed by your faith and this journey you have taken to follow God's calling for your family to adopt. This little girl has no idea who you are yet but some day she will look back on the letters you are writing, knowing you have been praying for her for years. I am so honored to pray for you throughout this journey and I cannot wait to come to Seattle sometime and meet your incredible family! God is SO good ALL of the time!

John and Sarah said...

So precious. I love that little Mollie/Lucy will be able to watch this video and read this letter. So sweet.

Kati said...

Hi Erin, I may be hitting you up for some information on this topic one day soon. I've wanted to adopt for as long as I can remember, and it may well end up being our new year's "project" (although doing it from Switzerland will probably be hard). It would be nice to hear about your path. And I will be praying that your journey to your daughter will be as smooth as possible. I am so excited for you both!