Monday, April 9, 2012


I have loved your 4th year of life immensely. I love watching you with your friends, at School, at Church, at AWANAs, at Ballet. I often arrive early at these places to pick you up...just to watch you. You love well, Ryann...Unabashedly, Extravagantly, Fiercely. It doesn't matter who the person is, how old they are, what they look like, where they come from, you instantly want to be their friend. I often describe you as aggressively friendly, but I need to change that because that term sounds way too negative because the love you show, my dear, is a love to emulate. You teach us so much everyday. We love you more than words could possibly express. Happy 5th Birthday, dear one.


Jennifer Hanson said...

Please tell Ryann that I sing the "way up in the sky the little birds fly" song to Weston and Isaac every morning and they LOVE it. So please thank her for teaching you, who taught Sarah, who taught Julia, who taught me. :-) "Shhhhh, Isaac they're sleeping..."

John and Sarah said...

That is such a sweet note to RyRy. She is a fantastic little girl. She really is a good example to all of us.

Matt and Angie Wood said...

I love Ryann's aggressive friendliness so much. Looking up synonyms for aggressive, though, with more positive connotations... enthusiastic, eager, ardent, ... yes and amen. Ryann's the best.