Friday, March 28, 2008

Ryann's PlAyLiSt

Ryann is a music-lover and much like her mom, she LOVES to dance. I have compiled a list of her top 4 music-selections of choice...Hopefully she will always love music and dancing...and even singing (but she definitely won't inherit that ability from me)
4. The Enchanted Soundtrack: My friend Annie gave me this and Ryann and I listened to it every day, until Ryann tried to eat it..and sadly, it doesn't work anymore...

3. The Fugees (the edited versions, of course)Ryann loves the beat and really gets her bounce on...No Woman, No Cry is her favorite:)
2. REM's Greatest Hits...Much too my dismay and Mark's joy, I think Ryann is a lover of alternative music: She really likes this CD or maybe it is just the dancing with dad...

1. PRAISE BABY: She LOVES this, I like it too. Very sweet, praise-filled music that is not cutesy/cheesy. Does anyone have any suggestions on any music that babies like like Praise Baby?Looking for more like this


Les and Shannon said...

Where did you get the Praise Baby CD - I need something for Nathan!

Annie and Jeremy said...

I love this group called Go's a group of three dads who love to sing, and they sing fun Christian songs! Most of them are for older kids, but they're still really great! I think I have four different CDs!

There's another GREAT cd I love called "With Me Every Day: Worship for Preschoolers" and I use it a lot with our preschoolers at church. My cd says it's "FamilyWise Music" definitely need this one!!!!