Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cheer,Part One

Mark, just spreading a little Christmas Cheer

These past few weeks have been filled with Christmas fun. We have definitely enjoyed the season. I have always loved Christmas time...who doesn't?,but it has been extra special this year as Ryann has grown so much more aware of what is going on.She gets so excited about all the Christmas trees, lights,etc. This past weekend, my inlaws hosted their annual Chili Supper, that was very delicious. It is such a blessing to have both of our families in the Dallas area.

My sister and her husband gave Ryann this adorable Santa dress last year. I wish Ryann would have stood in front of the tree and smiled sweetly at me. No such luck.

Last weekend we celebrated my mother in law's birthday. It was so fun and we surprised her with a photographer to take a family portrait. It will be interesting to see if Ryann is actually looking at the camera in any of the pictures

My Beautiful Sisters in Law

The Birthday Girl

I Loved her cake. Sarah decorated it with Pictures of her mom's life all over it, it was an Awesome idea

The Kids Table


Annie and Jeremy said...

Awwww, such cutie patooties you ALL ARE! :) I can't believe how long Ryann's hair is getting! She's growing so fast! :)

Melody said...

Love the family pic by the tree and Ryann's Christmas dress!

John and Sarah said...

So fun! Love all of the pictures!!