Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"His Law is LOVE and His Gospel is Peace"....Oh Holy Night

I am reading an unbelievably great and challenging book with my Bible Study. It is "The Jesus I Never Knew" By Phillip Yancey. As I read chapter two about the Incarnation, I read these Beautiful words...

"As a Christian I believe that we live in parallel worlds. One world consists of hills and lakes and barns and politicians and shepherds watching their flocks by night. The other consists of angels and sinister forces and somewhere out there places called heaven and hell. One night in the cold, in the dark, among the wrinkled hills of Bethlehem, those two worlds came together at a dramatic point of intersection. God, who knows no before or after, entered time and space. God, who knows no boundaries took the shocking confines of a baby's skin, the ominous restraints of mortality
(Yancey 44-45)"

Thank you, Jesus, for coming to Earth. Your infinite GRACE astounds me

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