Friday, April 3, 2009

Please Pray

** Thank you so much for Praying for L.and her girls. Myself and others have been in contact with her this last week and she covets and appreciates your prayers so very much. I told her I put it on my blog for others to pray and I also told her my Great Aunt's church was praying for her in Corpus Christi and she started to cry. She said, "I can't believe people are praying for my babies, tell everyone thank you" Please continue to pray for her and her babies. They are still alive and have both survived a major heart surgery late last week. In L.'s words, "They are hanging on by a thread" L. is tired, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Please pray for her. She is a believer and knows that everything happens for a reason...but it HURTS.

I am requesting your prayers for two precious little baby girls who are struggling for life in the NICU right now. One of my dear clients, L., went into premature labor last week. She was only 23 1/2 weeks pregnant. They did an emergency C-section, and the twin girls were born on March 29, 2009. One weighed 1.3 lbs and the other, 1.4 lbs. There are numerous complications, including, bleeding on the brain, and lung and heart problems. I admit, I don't really know how to pray about this, but I ask you to join with me as I pray for this family. I know our God is in control, and we sometimes don't understand His ways. He is Sovereign.
Please pray for L. She has such a sweet spirit and is scared our of her mind. Please pray that our loving Father will surround her with love, peace, and comfort as she faces this unbelievable trial. Please pray for these precious twin girls. Their names begin with J.


guillotfamily said...

My gosh how scary for L. Glad she has a support team to rely on. Praying hard for her and her babies. Please let me know how things turn out if you can.

Chris and Jill said...

Hi sweet Erin,
I will be praying. Sometimes when I don't know how to pray because a situation is beyond my understanding, I am comforted by this saying from Ruth Meyer: "He takes charge of the results of our prayers, and He cannot fail."

The Mitchells said...

Can you give us an update on the babies?