Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ryann has been saying some cute things lately. I thought I better blog about it, so I don't forget them...

1. "Happy to You"- This phrase means ice cream and cake. She has been to several Bday parties lately and has loved eating cake and ice cream after singing "Happy Birthday." She now calls any sweets "Happy to You" .She will say over and over again, "More Happy to You...Peeeeaassse." My hips cannot take "happy to you" in the house....but she will get some in a week for her 2nd, "Happy to You"

2"Pay"- This means pray.Ryann loves to pray. I often catch her bowing her head and saying "Thank you much, Thank you much, Amen" I could learn a lot from her prayers. We have a hard time keeping a straight face when she prays because it is so stinkin cute.

3. "PaPa...Shake it": This phrase is the funniest to us, by far, because it is just so weird. A couple of weeks ago, Ryann started marching around the house, chanting, "PaPa....Shake it" "PaPa....Shake it". "PaPa" is Ryann's grandfather on the Lamb side. He doesn't really ever "shake it", that I've seen. We have no idea where she got this, maybe she wants PaPa to shake it:)Whenever I say the word "PaPa....Ryann answers "Shake it".....weird.

Ryann and PaPa


stacymac said...

love it!
such a fun, funny age range this is.
she's a doll, no doubt.

Mom said...

So funny. Can't wait to see you Saturday - sheesh and Sunday!

John and Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! SOO FUNNY! We are going to have to start having dad shake it. I love that kid! Cant wait to see her! What size is she wearing now?

Chris and Jill said...

So adorable! I am still grinning just thinking about her saying all these things :-)