Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just the Girls!

Mark embraced his outdoorsy side and has been on a backpacking trip for the last 4 days with the men's ministry of the church we have been visiting. 4 days of absolutely NO communication!! He is on his way home now, and I can't wait to hear about it.

Although Mark was missed terribly, I got to hang out all weekend with this cutie! We had a lot of fun being "just the girls" ( a phrase Ryann used all weekend, so cute)

On Thursday, we met up with Liesel and Moses for some Sonic and playtime, good times were had by all...

Especially love this one of Moses, my kind of guy!

We enjoyed going to Marina Beach Park in Edmonds both Friday and Saturday

Ryann LOVES the Beach, especially collecting "beeeeeauuuutiful treasures"
(aka shells)

Getting ready for Project Runway, Season 47


guillotfamily said...

I am loving seeing all the pictures from Washington! It is so beautiful! Glad you are enjoying your time there!

Liesel Rios said...

Love the photos of Ryann's hair blowing at the beach. Thanks for Thursday--let's get together again soon!

Jennifer Hanson said...

Those first two photos of Ryan on the beach are incredible. What a cutie!!

Annie and Jeremy said...

LOOOVE these pics!!! I have to say, I laughed out LOUD when I read the caption to the last are so funny! And such an incredible photographer!!! :)

John and Sarah said...

Love her more than life iteslf! YOu are such a good mom!!! I wish I was there!!!