Monday, September 20, 2010

Here's to You, Seventh year of Holy Matrimony!

Oh 7th year of marriage, you have brought the hammer...smashing all that was comfortable. I say this like it was a bad thing, I mean totally the contrary. This past year of our marriage has been hard, full of change, uprooting us from all that was familiar...BUT, I wouldn't change a thing! It was all needed and I am so incredibly blessed to have Mark by my side as my partner through it all.

Our 7th year of marriage can best be described as:
direction seeking, seminary finishing, internship accepting, GOD PROVIDING, Chicago moving, bitter cold weather experiencing, real pizza eating, Ferris Bueller re-enacting, snow playing, church fellowshipping, Midwest loving, Ryann potty training, direction seeking, job interviewing, hopes rising, hopes crashing, direction seeking, Seattle travelling, job interviewing, GOD PROVIDING, job accepting, World Concerning, house packing, stress rising, renter seeking, Mark graduating, GOD PROVIDING, renter finding, Seattle residence seeking, GOD PROVIDING, townhouse accepting, truck packing, friends goodbye-ing, erin crying, family goodbye-ing, erin really crying, cross-country travelling, sight seeing, Seattle landing, erin crying, GOD PROVIDING, Mark caring, job starting, job exciting, lonely feeling, erin crying,Guatemala travelling, part time job seeking, GOD PROVIDING, pre-school starting, teacher loving, Ryann smiling, new-church looking, Ryann loving, Faith growing, Mark travelling, lonely feeling,GOD PROVIDING, HUGE decision making, research seeking, process starting, HOPE exploding, hard reading, marriage growing, JESUS DEPENDING, Texas Missing, Chick fil A missing, Beautiful Nature Surrounding, Water Loving, Chai drinking, Sun appreciating, GOD PROVIDING, Jesus Comforting.

Without a doubt, God has indeed Provided for us this past year in ways we would have never expected...Looking forward with great expectation for Year 8.

September 20, 2003

Baby Mark and Baby Erin, circa 2001...probably at a Theta Date Party, not sure. We look so young!!!


Jennifer Hanson said...

Wow. :-D

This was sooo cool to read! Wow (I know I already said that, but WOW!) So inspiring too!

stacymac said...

love your words, and ya'll look EXACTLY the same!!! such a cute couple!

Matt and Angie Wood said...

I love love love this post. Love.

Liesel Rios said...

I love how your wedding photo is in black and white--like it was so long ago there wasn't even colour. Anywhere. No in film and not in real life. :) Happy 7th to you!

Kim and Eric said...

Erin, I loved reading this. Loved your words and more importantly I loved seeing how faithful our God was to continue to provide and take care of you. I can relate to being uprooted from everything that is familiar, safe, and comforting and moved to a place that is far different from all that we have known. But I know that God is using y'all in a mighty way there in Seattle! Praying for you to feel comfort from the Lord and that when you feel lonely that you will cling to Him. Happy 7th!!!