Friday, April 15, 2011

Ryann's Debut

This past week, Mark and I experienced a first as parents...a preschool spring musical. Ryann's preschool,Heritage Christian Academy, had their annual spring musical last Tuesday night. The theme was Easter, the t-shirts were bright, the kids sang loudly,enthusiastically,and endearingly off-key, choreography was attempted, parents shot tons of photos, and cookies and punch were served. All in all, a great evening.
A Star is Born. Ryann and one of her preschool friends. Man, I wish Ryann would show some personality;) Ryann's class is the far left of this video. Since we have a tall girl (genes not from me, clearly), she is on the second row, barely to be seen. You can sort of see her green and white bow bobbing up and down. The program had all sorts of Easter songs, but Ryann's all time fave is,"Lord I Lift Your Name on High" She sings this all the time, usually mixing up the words, but always done with gusto...would we expect any less? Here is a portion of Ryann's favorite song:
Since we couldn't see Ryann very well, we asked her to "re-enact" her favorite song in the parking lot...You can see what happens when you don't have your trusty preschool choir behind you


Jennifer Hanson said...

Oh my word!!! The look on her face when she realizes she just sang the same line three times is hysterical! "Waaiiittt... this is starting to sound familiar... oh."

She is a hoot-and-a-half-plus-one! (Yes, that would be two and one half hoots.)

Liesel Rios said...

Yeah, I'm not sure we're quite ready to attempt the national athem solo just yet. Maybe when we're five? :) Gotta love Ryann!

Annie and Jeremy said...

awwwwww, i loooooved this!!! :)

John and Sarah said...

Ahhhh. Love it. This made me smile and at the same time made me so sad that we dont get to come to these kinds of concerts. Times like these, I hate that we live so far apart...Guess I always hate it, but this makes me sad. She is precious!!!

Angie said...

Absolutly adorable!!! I miss Ryann Kate sooooo much! Seeing that video of her in the parking lot made me smile and laugh and miss her too! Lots of emotions (:

The Brantmeiers said...

This just made me smile SO big! So innocent!!!