Monday, November 26, 2007

Baby Dedication

These pictures were from Ryann's Baby Dedication October 14. It was such a special day for Mark and I as we committed to raise Ryann to LOVE and KNOW the Lord.


Annie and Jeremy said...

Girl you are SO snazzy! I love the slideshow! Ryann is so precious, and I know how special her dedication was...thanks for posting your snazzy slideshow!!!! :)

Aunt Sarah said...

I am so impressed with your blogging skills! I love Ryann Cate!!!!!

Kristyn said...

I LOVE the blogging world! I was just on the Poehls blog and saw a link to y'all! So great to see your sweet faces again, and to see that you have a baby girl too!! Adorable! I think her and our little one are just a month fun. I'm excited about keeping up with you guys! Check out our blog when you get a chance!
~kristyn (randolph) holleman