Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fun Fall 2007 Pics

My sister Sara got engaged 2 weeks ago to an awesome guy named Jason. This past Saturday, my mom, Ryann, and I went dress shopping with her and had the BEST time. Ryann especially had fun looking at all the pretty colors and various shiny things...she especially liked touching the tiaras...uh oh Dad!! This picture was taken on the floor of the dress shop...I wish that I could post the cutest picture of Sara in her dress holding Ryann, but it is a surprise!! (in case Jason sees this!)

Ryann just loves Bath time, we love our little frog


AnniePhil said...

good heavens! She is so cute!

The Crazy Gengler Boys said...

Ryann is such a little doll! We can't wait to come and visit from Tennessee and meet the little cutie! Sara is engaged!!!! How cool!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE that she is smiling for the camera now! What a doll!