Friday, April 25, 2008


Got this from another blog and thought it was fun:)
i am: enjoying and hour and a half(fingers crossed) of freedom while Ryann is napping
i think:about what Ryann's personality will be like
i know: that I have been saved by GRACE
i want: Jason Castro to win American Idol
i have: a husband that is a perfect fit for me
i wish: that no child would go to bed hungry tonight
i hate: Spicy Cheetos,Fleetwood Mac, and Nicholas Cage (hate is a little strong here, I am sure the latter two are nice people)
i miss: My grandmother before Alzheimer's
i fear: being disobedient to God's will
i feel: happy that Ryann has given up on her "Nap" war today
i hear: Michael Buble's "Everything" playing on my itunes playlist
i smell: the pungent odor of the oven self-cleaning,gross.
i crave: the sand and sun of Mexico
i search: for easy recipes that are inexpensive
i wonder: why I could care less about politics
i regret: not investing more into the lives of my students last year
i love:my husband and Ryann's belly laugh
i ache: for my dear friend whose mother is very ill
i care: about urban ministry
i always: have a Sonic Happy Hour Dr. Pepper
i am not: good with little decisions
i believe: that everything happens for a reason, although I might not see it at first
i dance:the soul'ja boy dance with my niece Angie
i sing: wholeheartedly, with a terrible voice
i don’t always:get places on time,I actually rarely get places on time
i fight:the urge to always be a people pleaser
i write:type A to do lists
i win:nap war today
i lose:my patience in trying to achieve my pre-baby stomach
i never:miss an episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (season 4 starts in may)
i confuse:myself often
i listen:to Ryann's babbling all day long, my dad swears she speaks Chinese
i can usually be found:in my house...serious home-body
i am scared:of anything happening to Ryann
i need:open communication
i am happy about:summer
Would love any of my blog buddies to do this...any takers?


Les and Shannon said...

i did it too!

John and Sarah said...

Ooh I want to do this. Im going to do it tomorrow at work!