Saturday, April 26, 2008

ShOuT OuTs

In Addition to Mark's Birthday (4/27), we have several other reasons to celebrate this week. They are....

Happy Birthday to my bro. in law Scot (4/20)

Happy Birthday to my new bro. in law Jason(4/26)

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my sister in law Sarah and bro. in law John(4/28)

Happy Birthday to my brother Read (4/29)

And Most Importantly,Happy Half-Birthday to me(4/25)(we don't really celebrate this)


Kristyn said...

Wow, April is a big month for your family. This is what happens to us in May!!

John and Sarah said...

Yay birthdays! And yay for that picture you just posted of me. I look hot. This is great motivation to go work out right now!

Annie and Jeremy said...

DUDE! I had no idea April was so crazy for the CBerrys and the Lambs! Congrats on all the shout-outs! :)