Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monday FuNdAy

Mark decided to take the day off on Monday and we enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL day at the Dallas Arboretum. Mark loves anything plant-related and we had such a great time marveling at God's creation. Would love to go back this summer, playdate anyone?!?

Waving at anything and everything!

So Funny!

Favorite Flowers of the day

Petting a real little lamb

Petting a goat

Ryann beginning to fade

Dallas Blooms


Kristyn said...

That's so funny, we just went there last week. And I took a picture of that same flower/plant b/c it was a fav also! Isn't that place just beautiful??

Les and Shannon said...

Sign us up - we are so there for a play date! Just name the time!

Melody said...

Yes! Jonah and I would love to have a playdate there!

Annie and Jeremy said...

I LOOOOOOVE your new blog look! You're such a pro now! :) Your Monday looked like lots of fun! :) You guys are such a cute, sweet family! :)

John and Sarah said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I am so impressed by your new blog! It ROCKS! I also love your pictures. You have the most beautiful baby in the entire world!

Les and Shannon said...

Nathan loved his birthday message - he said to tell you thanks!

John and Sarah said...

have you seen how cool you are?! You have had 1062 visitors since march 21 or something like that. CRAZY!

themac's said...

Hey. You daughter is so cute!! Looks like you had a fun day.