Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5 Things...


1. Ryann and her love for Taylor Swift: Yes, I realize Ryann is three, not 13, but she already has an affinity towards Taylor Swift. I, too, heart Taylor and went through a period where I listened to her cd on repeat for about a month. I had no idea what kind of affect that had on Ryann UNTIL...we were playing with playdough and Ryann holds up a piece of playdough to her ear and sings in toddler speak,"she's on the phone, it's a typical Tuesday night..."hahaha. Everytime we hear a Taylor Swift song on the radio, Ryann says (not prompted, I swear): "That's Taylor Swift, she's my girl."

Ryann in her TSwizzle shirt she got from her Aunt Sarah for her birthday.

2. The Duggar Family: say what you will...I know they are controversial...yada yada yada...I ABSOLUTELY love them. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I love every single episode and think they are the nicest people on the planet...next to my sister. I talk to Mark ALL the time about them (which he loves (insert sarcasm)) and create scenarios in my head in which I could meet them. sad,I know. I am in awe of how they present themselves in the media and how they represent their unwavering Faith.

I love that Dolly is with the Duggars in this one...love both so much!!

3. Sunday School Toddler Crafts
A recent conversation with Ryann while looking at her craft (pictured below)
me: "Oh, Ryann, I love your craft...what did you learn about today?"
Ry: "Esau, Jacob, and Isaac"
me (bursting with pride over the fact that Ryann just named three characters from the OT): "Wow, are those three people Esau, Jacob, and Isaac?"
Ry: "No, they are you (pointing to the hairy one), me, and Prince Charming (mark)"
me (pride bubble busted)

me (esau), ryann (isaac), and dad (jacob)

4. TRADER JOE's: this grocery store is the bomb. OBSESSED. Delicious and affordable. Yum Yum, we love everything about it. Dallas NEEDS one STAT.

5. A date with Mark on April 23: We are going to be in Seattle by OURSELVES April 23 for a job interview and I am so giddy that we get to go on an actual date sans Ryann. A huge thank you goes out to my gracious parents for making the trip up here to watch Ryann while I accompany Mark to Seattle. Don't get me wrong,we absolutley love our daugther to pieces, but we have missed having the occassional meal by ourselves. I think I will actually wear a dress...watch out.


Chris and Jill said...

The Sunday School Project... literally rolling on the floor laughing!!!! That is priceless!!

I hope y'all have a great trip to Seattle!! Your fam has been in our prayers :-)

Lots of love, Jill

guillotfamily said...

OMG I love all those things too! Let's be friends! :)

Dugger's are so adorable and family and Christ center. Love them and their mad organizational skills! Also I was a devoted Trader Joes shopper for many years! I have even written them letters begging them to come to Houston. They had these greek ginger yogurts in little glass jars - DIVINE!

Jennifer Hanson said...

Ooooh Ryann! Love that girl. (Julia has taken to singing that "I sit on the bleachers" song (you can see how in-touch I am with current trends) but she only knows the one verse and sings it over and over and...)

I ::heart:: the Duggers! ALMOST makes me wish we had TV.

Matt and Angie Wood said...

Ryann is hilarious. Can't wait to see that girl again. Glad you decided to make the trip up to Seattle with Mark! Hope yall have a great time!

John and Sarah said...

The Sunday School project was hilarious. I have never laughed that loud in my life. HILARIOUS.

I also heart the Duggers and want to be more like them.

So happy for you guys to go to Seattle. Tell Mark to get ready for HOTTIE!