Monday, April 19, 2010

Lincoln Park Zoo

We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo on Saturday and boy, was it fun...and FREE....(except for astronomical parking, but that is besides the point) This zoo is awesome. It was great weather and Ryann is at that magical age where she absolutely loves animals. We spent a little more than 4 hours roaming the zoo from end to end. We had a Blast and I am so glad we went. Our time in Chicago is coming to an end and I feel like we really have made the most of it. We really have loved our time here.It was so good for our little family. We feel so incredibly Blessed for this opportunity. What a Fantastic city! The only thing left on our list of things to do is a CUBS game..which we are going to on April 27 for Mark's 30 Birthday:)

Here are some pics of us enjoying our day at the zoo...

The favorite

Ryann, trying to wake up a sleeping aardvark

When Ryann was a baby, I never was told that Ryann looked like me. Everyone said she looked exactly like Mark.I agreed, she did. I still think she looks more like Mark. However, it is nice to now see more and more of me in our hair natural color (have not had my hair highlighted in about 2 years,trying to embrace the fact that I really am a brunette)Here we are, admiring a giraffe and an ostrich

Ryann and her love for fish


Jennifer Hanson said...

I was just thinking (when I saw the photo in your last post) that Ryann is really a perfect blend of both you and Mark.

These pictures were so fun!

BTW - my word verification was "butar" ... As in, "Please pass the butar?" hahaha

John and Sarah said...

I think she looks like me:) Just kidding. I can never tell who looks like who. The one thing I know for sure is that your zoo does not look boring at all. I bet Jaris wishes she was with yall instead of us at our boring zoo! Ryann is as cute as ever!!!

Chris and Jill said...

I love that zoo! The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago is also awesome - there are wild deer that live on the grounds and wander through the forest part of the zoo.
So glad y'all are having such a special time!!

Will you be back in Dallas around Erin and Annie's birthdays? I would love to help plan something fun for them!

Liesel Rios said...

I am at that magical age where I love animals, too. :)

Annie and Jeremy said...

You pics totally reminded me of Return To Me!!! Did you have flashbacks?!?! I'm so glad you guys had fun! :) Can't wait to see you again soon!!!

Kristyn said...

So glad yall are enjoying's one of our favorite cities that we've visited. We took Preston to the same zoo and he Loved it...and I did too! :)